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About Us

Yoga at Spirit Bear is a combination of Spirit, Breath and Power - Spirit is your unique and beautiful energy.  Spirit is derived from the latin root spiritus meaning Breath, your breath is your life force.  And Bear represents your power, strength & introspection.  At Spirit Bear Power Yoga in Natick, MA, our yoga practice enables you to unite, love and honor of these attributes.

Yoga as a of Breath and Power

Spirit Bear represents the of breath and inner strength. Each of living being has a unique and beautiful

energy: SPIRIT. The latin root Spiritus means breath. Breath is our life force. BEAR represents power, strength and introspection. Yoga joins together spirit and bear, creating a that empowers us to live as our true self and be, have, and accomplish every miracle we send out to the universe.


Yoga joins together spirit and bear, creating a that empowers you to live as your true self and be, have, and accomplish every miracle you send out to the universe.  During your yoga practice, we love, honor, and create a of these attributes.

What is a Spirit Bear?

Spirit Bears are real bears. They are also known as Kermode Bears and live on the coast of British Columbia.  Spirit Bears are a subspecies of the North American black bear that have a recessive gene causing about 1 in 10 bears to be white or cream colored.

The legend of Spirit Bear is that the white bears were created as a reminder that the earth is pure and clean.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for SBPY is a young boy with a big heart and the determination and perseverance to create his miracle. Everyday we find small and sometimes significant challenges in our lives. We can either be powerless or powerful in our approach to these events and circumstances.

Kermode Bears face a huge challenge, they are on the verge of becoming extinct. When he was 13 years old, Simon Jackson set out to save the Spirit Bears. 

Today, he is the founder of the world’s largest youth-led environmental organization, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.  The SBYC has protected two thirds of the Spirit Bears’ habitat, but one major watershed still remains threatened.

Please visit his website to join us in donating to the preservation of this beautiful animal.  To see the 2 movies that have been made about Simon Jackson and the Spirit Bear, goto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_Bear:_The_Simon_Jackson_Story