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Introduction to Yoga Series

We all start at the same place, the beginning.  And as with anything new to you, it can take you outside of your comfort zone and sometimes be uncomfortable.  Our studio is one of the most friendly, compassionate and judgement free places you can be.  We are fortunate to have some of the finest yoga teachers in the Boston area who have several decades of combined experience to help you have the best yoga experience possible.

Join us to learn yoga in a friendly, relaxed and encouraging setting.  This series 'starts from the beginning' and in plain English teaches you all the elements to build a lifelong yoga practice.


Below is the agenda that is typically followed for each of our Introduction to Yoga series.   The exact topics and order may change at the teacher's discretion.

The Dogs (75-80 deg, low humidity)

Blocks and Straps - how and why to use the props in a yoga studio
Breathing - called 'Ujjayi' breathing, learn how breath is used when practicing
'The Dogs' - learn the proper position and alignment of the Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog and several additional foundation yoga poses

The Warriors (80-85 deg, low humidity)

Learn the 'udiyana bandha' - the power and connection to your core
'The Warriors' - learn the proper position and alignment for Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 and additional foundation poses with focus on 'ujjayi breath'
Sun Salutations - learning to flow between the poses in sequence

Sun Salutations (80-85 deg, med. humidity)

Sun Salutations with emphasis on ujjayi breath and alignment when flowing between the poses with strength and endurance.
'Angles' - learn Triangle, Extended Side Angle and Chair Pose with emphasis on ujjayi breath and proper alignment.
Seated Poses, Back Bends and Inversions - intermediate poses that are sure to challenge you

The Complete Flow (85-90 deg, med. humidity)

Putting it all together with emphasis on, you guessed it, ujjayi breath and alignment
The final class will be a complete moderately paced flow class that will take through all of the poses in moderate heat.


*Please, no Drop-ins.  There are no refunds or transfers and Class Cards are not accepted.

Spirit Bear Buzz

'Come here to fall in love with Yoga (all over again, if applicable).
If you happen to be new to yoga or want to perfect you're downward dog, I highly recommend the Intro Series -- Christy and Lali taught mine and both were supportive, knowledgable and adorable in every way...'

Jillian H. via Yelp - read full review here 


'...In the the few months that I've been going, I've attended classes taught by five different instructors and they've all been amazing. Most classes are an hour and a half, but they do offer an intense hour long class on Sat mornings that they call the Hour of Power. I've seriously never sweated so much in my life as I do during these classes...'

Stephanie F via Yelp - read full review here


'This studio is one of the best around. I used to live down the road and took classes here regularly enough to become a studio assistant.  The heat and temperature at Spirit Bear is by far the best I have seen. A lot of placed in Boston I have been to don't seem to have it quite right.  Spirit Bear is also CLEAN!!! I hate going into a class where there are sweat puddles and hair from the previous class on the floor. I really like the instructors (who are educated and in tune) and the flow of the classes are great. I wish there were more studios like Spirit Bear in Boston.'

Courtney via Yelp - read full review here