Nikki Joyal


I hesitantly found myself in my first hot yoga class over 10 years ago. I always felt like yoga wasn't my thing... As a type A person I like to always be moving/busy and in control. I thought yoga was just people sitting around  and chanting to each other. I definitely had that wrong!
I'd like to say after my first class I was hooked but honestly I was shocked. It was so different then I anticipated! I had no clue what I was doing.  I'm thankful that I didn't dismiss it and give up. I found that the more I practiced the better I felt. After a little bit of time it become addicting and a huge part of my life. When I was younger I found power flows to be the perfect balance for me. I loved the feeling of the heat, the fast paced movement, and the breath work.
When I become pregnant with my first child I obviously slowed things down a bit and found Prenatal to be a perfect fit for what my body was feeling. After my first child was born my life was turned upside down and I was diagnosed with cancer. Of course I had a lot of not only physical changes but emotional too... I found a lot of comfort on my mat. I practiced everyday... my practice again had changed to adapt to my current life situation. That is what I love the most about yoga. No matter what life was throwing at me, it was there. I could come to my mat and escape. My practice was mine and it was whatever I needed from it in that moment. 
When I'm teaching I often say "listen to your body, what does your body need today? Not yesterday, not tomorrow... right now" I came to teaching to help others. I love being able to adapt yoga to any person I work with.  Seeing what they or the room needs that day and making yoga work for them. 

After many years in the yoga world I finally decided to take my 200 hour RYT training. I studied with Cathy Mann at The Yoga Studio. Once I finished my initial training I went on to study with DJ Arnold of Bodhi & Mind Yoga to get certified to work with cancer patients. Then later training with Bec Conant to be a certified OM Births Prenatal teacher. I was also Reiki level 2 certified by the amazing Pat Iyer.