Ray Mucci

ray webI found myself in a yoga class a few years ago in Southie. My friend Jennifer dragged me along since I had been complaining about not being able to run due to an injury. I had just eaten three slices of pizza but I thought, ok, it's only some stretching and meditating. My first yogic lesson was learned that day, and I'll happily pass it along to any student: don't eat three slices of pizza and then go directly to a yoga class. Other than the digestive issues I encountered that afternoon, I found that I really liked the class and thought it was a good alternate to running. So... I was "yoga is a good workout" guy for quite some time. I didn't mind Oming and breathing and all that but I also didn't feel like I needed to take it to heart. I built up my practice over that first year from once a week to almost daily. I began noticing little changes in myself. I was no longer getting that upset in traffic or similar situations, or if I did, it would pass rather quickly. Hmm...Ok so maybe it's the yoga? It was either the yoga, or the fact that I had fallen in love with avocados. Subtly, I found my attitude shifting. I'm a total klutz and am constantly falling, bumping into things and banging my head into stuff. I found myself laughing one day after banging my head into a stairwell and then dropping three grocery bags worth of food into the stairwell (including avocados!). Ok, definitely the yoga and this was the case throughout my life: instead of becoming upset over trivial day to day life situations, unchangeable ones at that, I was light and I was laughing, even when applying ice to the egg on my head. So I find myself here and now, still practicing, making time for it no matter how cluttered my schedule gets. Yoga has changed my body, my mind and has cured me of chronic horrific low back pain that no doctor was able to diagnose. I still love avocados too; I just try to not eat them right before class.