Judith Ellen

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Yoga may start in the body for many people, but the practice is one of the heart and mind. My first yoga class was at a gym, and at the time my only point of reference was a distant friend who I heard practiced it. Since I’d been a former dancer and fairly physically fit and active, I thought, how hard can this be? It was only in the aftermath of being completely sore from twisting and bending in ungodly ways that I realized how disconnected I was from my own body, let alone, my Self. I came to yoga out of sheer curiosity and this curiosity continues to drive my dedication to its practice. My journey with yoga has allowed me the opportunity to train with wonderful and skilled instructors and practice most major styles of yoga. It has also gently forced me to tap into my internal life and heal deep wounds. One can only teach what they know, and I’ve known heartache, failure, love, compassion, and profound joy. The goal is to bring these tools into my class and teach from a place of authenticity. My classes are student-centered, trauma-informed, dynamic, and rooted in yoga philosophy. My yoga “specialties” are working with adolescents and persons who are survivors of sexual violence.

When I’m not physically on my mat, I work at a desk as a data scientist in clinical research and am a published writer. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the SBPY family and always look forward to meeting yogis whether they are experienced practitioners or just getting the first taste of their own sweat!