Sharon Desmond

sharon desmond"In the end, all yogas lead to one great Yoga."- Swami Kripalu.

I came to yoga to supplement my athletic training. It was purely physical. I ignored the spiritual component for a long time but at some point I realized that in my life, I was less annoyed by the little things and generally happy all the time. I don't just mean happy, I mean HAPPY. Each experience became more alive to me, like a 3-D movie: the same visual, but so much more ALIVE in my perception. I went through teacher training years later, after having 2 kids, wanting to get more out of my practice. I then started to teach others to share what I found.

My yoga philosophy: just show up and be open to the experience. No judgments, no expectations. You'll learn to listen to your body on the yoga mat, then the world around you, and notice that the answers to all that you seek are there, just waiting for you to see them.