Diane Latouf

diane latouf yoga teacher fullMy mom brought me to my first yoga class and to tell you the truth I found it very strange and pretty hard to take seriously. I wanted to burst into laughter during the quiet moments, the Om-ing freaked me out, and in my closed minded adolescence I decided very quickly that it wasn’t for me. A few years went by and she encouraged me to try it again, I had a completely different experience. Yoga challenged me physically, mentally, and also gave me a peace of mind that I didn’t quite find in any other form of exercise. This time I stuck with it, I practiced as much as I could and loved learning from different teachers. I decided to take an assistant training to further my practice.  I learned so much and yet still wanted to know so much more. Yoga became my passion, I dreamed of being a teacher someday. 

A few more years passed and I joined a teacher training with Jacqui Bonwell and Jene Rossi. The training was life changing for me. I noticed a huge shift within myself; I was happier, healthier, and more mindful. Really living each day instead of just watching them drift by. I was more aware of my actions, I was able to build upon the ones that bettered my life and abandon the ones that didn’t. I began taking my practice off my mat and into my everyday life. 

I will forever be a student of this practice. I find so many lessons in my own teaching as well. I continue to learn and grow with my students. I’ve been teaching now for about two years and it’s still just as exciting as when I first started. My intention as a teacher is to offer my students a safe place to explore, grow, and have some space to breathe. Hopefully they can carry all the beautiful lessons of yoga with them as well, setting them free to live their lives to their fullest potential