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I found the practice of yoga at a local gym in Natick.   I was a stressed parent of two very busy young boys and my life was in perpetual motion.  I was encouraged by a friend to try yoga - I had dismissed it assuming that it "wouldn't be enough of a work out".  When I finally took a class It felt to me that a long missing puzzle piece was put into place and I re-established a connection between my mind and body through movement that I had long lost since taking modern dance classes in my 20's and evolving into an over scheduled adult and stressed parent.  I could slow down -- breathe -- move with awareness.   I found more balance.
Over the last18 years my yoga practice has been and continues to be a constant companion and support to call upon when I need to balance myself as I try to mindfully navigate through my life and stay centered through times of change.   There is so much power in the simplicity of slowing down and moving mindfully with breath.  

I completed my 200 hour RYT at HYP Studio in Needham in May of 2014.  I work as a Physician Assistant in an adult medicine practice and have completed clinical training in Mind/Body Medicine at the Benson Henry Institute at Mass General Hospital,  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at UMass Center for Mindfulness, Yoga for Cancer with Tari Prinster at Kripalu and Mindful Yoga for Cancer at Duke University Integrative Medicine with Jim and Kimberly Carlson.   I hope to further my training and teach the practice of yoga and mindfulness to people living with cancer, chronic medical issues and stress/anxiety to build resilience and live with more comfort and ease.