Joanne Carlisle

Joanne Carlisle

For years I never believed that yoga was for me… I was always

running from one thing to the next – school, work, time with

friends and family, the gym, etc. and my workouts reflected that

frenetic pace. I was happy and active and stimulated on the outside, but found that I was craving more stability, more time to just, ‘be’ on the inside. It was through this craving that I found my way to my mat.

I began practicing yoga nine years ago and finally decided to enroll in a teacher-training program in March of 2014. I received my 200-hour certification through Lexington Power Yoga that November.

My practice tends to directly reflect my desire to move and be active while also being internally grounded and still. Each day on my mat is different; each moment is a chance to start over and work on everything or on nothing. It is this freedom to just, ‘be’ whatever it is that I need, in that particular moment, that I have found through yoga.

I have been a teacher in Boston Public Schools for fourteen years and presently teach Grade 5. I love my job and even more than that, I love my students. I wish for them each-and-every day the same things that I wish for my daughter – to be happy and healthy, confident and kind. This is what I hope to bring into the studio, whether I am practicing myself, or teaching. Learning to show ourselves compassion and forgiveness is perhaps the greatest shift I have made and I am grateful to my practice for guiding me to this place.