Lynsey Gilbert

LinseyGilbertAfter a tumbling injury in college, I was looking for lower impact physical activity, something that didn’t require entering the intimidating weight room. I started to dabble in yoga solely for the exercise, and because it was offered at times that fit my schedule. Years later, a running injury made yoga my go-to work out, and I noticed how quickly my body began to regain strength and to rehabilitate. I stayed with it more regularly, and when my family and I went through a particularly trying period, I was aware of how much more level headed and calm I was, and how I was able to find gratitude for all of the good things in life in the moment, instead of dwelling on what wasn’t going my way – qualities I attribute to finding yoga.

Yoga challenges me in every way possible every single practice, while managing to offer exactly what I need in the moment. I am constantly awed, inspired, freed, and humbled by the practice. It’s also fun, energizing, and uplifting. I am a happier person because of yoga!  As a teacher, I hope to provide the support for students to access whatever parts of yoga speak to them in a safe, enjoyable, non-judgmental environment. Take what works, leave the rest!

I completed my 200 hour training at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge. Shortly after training, I moved to Natick and am thrilled to be continuing my yoga journey as part of the Spirit Bear community!